Does CoolSculpting Really Work? Find Out with Our Before & After Photos

Even when you stick to a strict weight loss regime, stubborn bulges of fat can keep you from attaining your ideal figure. With CoolSculpting, you can easily eliminate these unwanted pockets of fat with a non-surgical procedure. But that is where the questions arise: Does CoolSculpting really work for reducing tough-to-lose fat?

As an FDA-cleared treatment for eliminating fat across 9 areas of the body, CoolSculpting is effective for men and women alike. With the procedure’s fat-freezing technology, your body can dispel unwanted fat cells without undergoing surgery, allowing you to attain a firmer, toned, and contoured profile with minimal downtime. At Keys MedSpa, our experts specialize in helping you achieve these results through personalized CoolSculpting treatments.

To help you understand how CoolSculpting in Keys West, FL works, here is a guide to the procedure with a look at CoolSculpting before & after results on real patients.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by freezing unwanted fat cells in your areas of concern and eliminating them through your body’s natural processes. This fat-freezing approach, also known as cryolipolysis, can typically help reduce 20-25 percent of fat from affected areas. By targeting excess fat cells that remain difficult to lose through diet or exercise, CoolSculpting can help you contour different areas of your body that are marred by stubborn pockets of fat.

These results become possible because persistent exposure to extremely cold temperatures can cause fat cells to freeze in place. After your fat cells are frozen, they are unable to survive in your body. As a result, they get eliminated through natural processes including digestion and metabolization. However, this does not put your body in overdrive or cause any side effects, which further adds to the safety and sought-after status of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is applied with a specialized device that comes with a handheld applicator. Through this applicator, your CoolSculpting provider ensures that the treatment is only performed on the areas you want to contour, allowing you to control your journey to your ideal figure without compromising on your overall appearance.

During your CoolSculpting session, your provider prepares the area of concern for treatment. Afterwards, they perform the treatment with the specialized applicator, which targets the stubborn fat under your skin to freeze. The device creates the sensations of suction, tingling, or pinching during the initial few minutes of the treatment, after which you become more comfortable.

A CoolSculpting treatment session typically takes up to 60 minutes, with the duration depending upon the area of treatment. Since CoolSculpting has no downtime, you can resume your daily activities right after your treatment. While you may feel swelling, bruising, and tingling across the treatment site, these side effects resolve on their own.

When it comes to CoolSculpting before & after results, you can typically see them in action a few weeks after the treatment. For some patients, the results may take 2 to 4 months to take full effect. If you need multiple CoolSculpting sessions to achieve your desired results, they are typically scheduled after this period, or as early as 4 to 6 weeks following your first treatment.

Are CoolSculpting Results Worth It?

CoolSculpting results are worth it due to being proven by extensive trials, studies, and the overall effects on patients around the world. At the time of writing, CoolSculpting has over 13 million treatment sessions on record, making it the world’s most popular non-surgical fat reduction procedure for doctors and patients alike.

Studies conducted for cryolipolysis have shown positive outcomes for the procedure. This information includes a study conducted in 2009, which showed fat reduction of up to 25.5 percent in patients, 6 months after the treatment. Subsequent studies recorded improvements in 86 percent of patients, with 82 percent of them being ready to recommend fat-freezing treatments to friends.

A collection of 19 studies in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have shown CoolSculpting to reduce 15-30 percent of unwanted fat cells in the treatment area. On the other hand, a study published in 2013 outlines the approach as being highly effective, both for its results and patient satisfaction outcomes.

When it comes to its safety profile, CoolSculpting boasts of impressive numbers for delivering results with minimal side effects. Studies have shown that common side effects, such as bruising and numbness, resolve on their own a few days after treatment. Whereas less frequent side effects, such as pain after a few weeks of treatment, also go away on their own.

Over the course of multiple studies and years of treatment administration, the adverse side effects of CoolSculpting only seem to have appeared in approximately 0.13 percent of cases. For instance, the occurrence of paradoxical hyperplasia, a condition where new fat cells grow in place of frozen fat cells after treatment, remains minimal.

Besides these clinical findings, CoolSculpting results remain worth it for patients due to their high efficacy, minimal downtime, and little to no safety risks. It also works the same way for doctors, who can provide their patients with their ideal results without excessive risks to their health and wellbeing.

CoolSculpting Before and After—Our Patients’ Actual Results

While reviewing clinical studies can help you strengthen your trust in CoolSculpting, you may want to see CoolSculpting before & after results for patients like yourself. At Keys MedSpa, we have been performing CoolSculpting for our patients with fantastic outcomes, and we have the results to prove it.

With information about multiple cases and their visual evidence in our body contouring photo gallery, you can see the results for yourself. This not only helps you find patients who may have a similar body type to yours, but also lets you determine the course of their results through their actual CoolSculpting treatments.

The following information can help guide you through a few of the CoolSculpting cases we have performed over the years, along with a description of the patient’s concern.

Case 1. This case highlights the effects of CoolSculpting on one of our male patients who wanted to reduce the appearance of excessive fatty tissue in his chest. With CoolSculpting, we were able to help our patient achieve a toned and more masculine body profile.

Case 2. This case outlines the results of CoolSculpting on one of our female patients. This patient was concerned with stubborn bulges of fat in the abdominal area. The pictures highlight the visible results after the treatment.

Case 6. This case provides you with a visual reference for a female patient who wanted to get rid of fat pockets across her abdomen. By performing CoolSculpting across the area of concern, we were able to deliver a stronger and more contoured abdominal profile.

Case 7. This case gives you a visual outline of a female patient with the concern of excessive fat in her thighs and buttocks. With CoolSculpting, we were able to help her achieve a toned profile across these areas of concern.

Case 8. This case introduces you to the CoolSculpting results for a female patient who was concerned with the presence of unwanted fat across her abdominal area. By using CoolSculpting, we were able to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from the targeted area.

Case 9. This case is a visual guide to the results of another one of our female patients who held concerns about unwanted bulges of fat hiding her otherwise strong abdominal profile. Through CoolSculpting, we were able to finally deliver the sculpted aesthetic that she needed.

Case 10. This case leads you to determine the results of CoolSculpting of a female patient who had a toned figure save for unwanted pouches of fat across her lower abdomen. By using CoolSculpting, we helped her achieve the chiseled look that she aspired to attain.

These CoolSculpting before & after pictures of our real patients let you understand how CoolSculpting can work for people of different genders, figures, and aesthetic goals. By reviewing these visual references, you can become more confident in choosing CoolSculpting for yourself and contacting a qualified provider to explore your options.

What Areas Can CoolSculpting Improve?

FDA-cleared for fat reduction across nine areas of the body, CoolSculpting can be performed on multiple sites of concern that prevent you from achieving your ideal aesthetic. CoolSculpting is a well-rounded non-surgical treatment option that helps you get rid of unwanted fat without extensive surgeries or downtime.

Areas that CoolSculpting can improve include:

  • Under the chin
  • Under the jawline
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Underneath the buttocks (banana roll)

Depending upon the amount of stubborn fat pockets you have on your body, you can have CoolSculpting performed in multiple areas simultaneously. Since treatments come with no downtime and no major safety risks for most patients, having CoolSculpting in multiple areas at the same time does not interfere with your comfort or wellbeing.

At Keys MedSpa, we can perform CoolSculpting with dual machines. Through this DualSculpting method, we can help you target multiple treatment areas within the duration of a single session. This method cuts down the treatment time significantly. At the same time, it also works wonders for your overall comfort by delivering results for multiple areas through a single treatment session.

In some cases, you can have CoolSculpting in areas where you have previously received treatment through other approaches. For instance, if you have a lump of fat in your body from a previous liposuction, CoolSculpting can help resolve it, making it a good non-surgical alternative to address imperfections left behind by other fat reduction procedures.

However, you need to keep in mind that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure. If you have excessive fat that you still have not tried to eliminate through diet and exercise, you may find it more effective to try those traditional approaches first. However, if you are not able to achieve your goals in certain areas of your body, CoolSculpting may help to enhance your weight loss efforts.

Similar to reviewing CoolSculpting before & after photos as a reference point, you can consider this information as a guideline. You will get a clearer understanding of CoolSculpting results for your concerns by reaching out to an experienced provider. A consultation will not only allow you to obtain personalized advice for your specific issues, but it will also help you get answers to questions you have left regarding the treatment’s results or safety.

At Keys MedSpa, our CoolSculpting experts are available to help you learn more about the procedure and its suitability for your aesthetic concerns. We want you to make an informed decision when choosing CoolSculpting for your ideal results.

What Benefits Does CoolSculpting Offer?

CoolSculpting offers a variety of benefits to patients that include but are not limited to the following.

Significant Results

CoolSculpting is known for reducing fat in the treatment areas by 20-25 percent for most patients. It is2 a highly effective treatment for eliminating tough-to-lose fat that does not go away with conventional approaches such as diet or exercise.

No Downtime

Due to being a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting requires no downtime, so there is no need to rest for an extensive period after treatment. Typically, you can get back to your usual professional and personal activities immediately after your treatment.

Extensive Safety Profile

CoolSculpting has minimal common side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and tingling, which go away on their own within a few days after your treatment. Major side effects, such as paradoxical hyperplasia, only appear in a fraction of patients, making CoolSculpting a safe treatment for fat reduction.

Lower Costs

Traditional fat reduction procedures that use surgical techniques have many additional costs, such as anesthesia and surgical facility charges, attached to them. As a non-surgical procedure, CoolSculpting remains free of these additional charges and costs less than surgical fat reduction treatments.

Multiple Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting allows you to naturally eliminate stubborn bulges of fat across multiple areas of your body. With it, you can also receive treatment for multiple areas of concern in a single session. This ensures that you can achieve your aesthetic goals without returning for different treatments.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Figure Through CoolSculpting?

After reviewing CoolSculpting before & after results, you may want to explore how the treatment can help you reduce fat across your figure. At Keys MedSpa, Dr. George Peterson and CoolSculpting Master Technicians Donna Gonzalez and Tammy Bufano hold a detailed consultation to understand your concerns and devise a plan to resolve them through effective treatments. This helps you reach your aesthetic goals with the utmost comfort, confidence, and transparency.

To learn more about your CoolSculpting treatment options, call us at (305) 587-9183 to schedule your consultation today.