Lumecca IPL Skin Rejuvenation at Keys Med Spa in Key West, FL

One of the most dramatic ways to improve your complexion is by diminishing redness, brown spots and age spots.

Now, Keys Med Spa offers the Lumecca intense pulsed light photofacial, technology engineered to treat pigmentation and lesions comfortably and with no downtime. This superior technology has delivered superior results for our Key West patients.

Who says only celebrities should enjoy the world’s top beauty treatments? 

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Why We Love Lumecca: Benefits

In just one to three sessions, Lumecca diminishes our patients’ most frustrating blemishes, including:

After intensive research into many devices and their manufacturers, Dr. George Peterson has chosen the most recent version of the Lumecca IPL device for our practice. Lumecca’s advanced technology surpasses other IPL treatment options in these ways:

  • It delivers three times more energy directly to discolorations than other IPL options. This power boost means that patients see significant improvements in the first treatment.
  • Additional power means fewer treatments. Where other photofacials require three to five treatments, Lumecca delivers significant photo rejuvenation in just two.
  • Large spot size means more area covered in less time and with fewer appointments.
  • Pulse frequency keeps surrounding tissue safe.
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Age spots, sun spots and spider veins are common conditions here in Florida, but Lumecca IPL’s safe technology means you don’t have to tolerate them.

I would definitely recommend Lumecca. I like how it brightened my face and gave me a beautiful glow.

The Science Behind Lumecca IPL’s Power: Photothermolysis

The most powerful IPL photofacial available, Lumecca uses light (photo) and heat (thermo) to target and destroy (lysis) pigmentation that differs from the tissue surrounding it. During photothermolysis, light waves seek out the discoloration and the heat destroys it. The body eliminates the damaged tissue naturally. 

Lumecca IPL Is Most Commonly Used on These Areas

While Lumecca can be used safely on all areas of the body, it is most commonly used on zones that get the most sun exposure. 

Key west Lumecca IPL FAQs

You may feel heat or a snapping sensation as the light energy comes into contact with your skin. However, most of our patients find the treatment painless. If you experience discomfort, let our team know so we can take steps to improve your treatment experience.

No downtime is required after an intense pulsed light treatment in Key West. Many patients return to work immediately. Some choose to schedule their treatment for the end of the week, giving their skin a few days to heal before they head back to the office. Redness is a common post-treatment occurrence and can be easily covered with makeup.

We provide detailed recovery instructions after any procedures, including a photofacial. Sunscreen use is highly recommended, both to protect the newly treated, sensitive skin and to prevent future sun damage from occurring.

The advanced Lumecca system for intense pulse light treatment means fewer treatments for most patients. We generally achieve good results in one to two treatments. Dr. Peterson can tell you how many treatments to expect during your complimentary consultation prior to treatment.

Dr. Peterson can help you decide if you’re a good candidate. If this treatment isn’t a good fit, we’ll help you find a different treatment option, such as RF Microneedling

Lumecca is a low risk, comfortable procedure. The only preparations required are avoiding direct sun exposure and tanning sessions one month before the Lumecca appointment.

In Key West, IPL costs will vary depending on several factors, including the scope of your procedure, what conditions you are having treated, how many treatments you need, etc. For this reason, we provide estimates to patients who come in for a consultation. This way, you can have a clear idea of what the procedure will cost for you and why. 

Experience matters. Dr. Peterson has more than 30 years of experience and has helped countless women through his OBGYN practice and medspa. Dr. Peterson personally oversees the medspa and only enlists the help of highly trained and certified technicians. You can learn more by visiting our Why Choose Us page. 

The Lumecca IPL experience

During a Lumecca treatment, you’ll put on protective glasses and lay back and relax while one of our trained practitioners uses the device on your skin. As the device delivers pulses of light, you may feel a warming or a snapping sensation, but treatment is rarely considered painful. The device we use has a cooling tip that helps to increase comfort throughout the treatment.

Treatment takes  20-30 minutes, and you can leave almost immediately. No downtime is needed.

Lumecca Results at keys med spa

Over the next day or two, pigmented spots will darken. They will rise to the surface of the skin and flake off. Veins treated with Lumecca will change color and disappear as the body eliminates them naturally.

Your complexion will continue to improve over the next few days. More youthful, glowing skin will replace the pigmented areas, with the most dramatic results appearing in one to two weeks. Repeating the treatment once or twice improves the complexion even more dramatically.

IPL recovery

Recovery is minimal after this rejuvenating treatment. Many patients return to work immediately and do not require time off for recovery.

Redness and skin sensitivity are two of the most common side effects. We often compare the sensations you’ll experience after IPL to the feeling of a light sunburn. This redness will take a few days to fade.

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Explore How Lumecca IPL Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

We would love to show you the many benefits of Lumecca IPL for pigmented skin and vascular lesions in Key West, FL. Schedule your complimentary consultation to explore this or any of our other treatments. Call us at 305-587-9183 to make an appointment.