Longer Lashes with Latisse at Keys Med Spa

Enjoy natural, lush eyelashes with Latisse, an outstanding product that aims to enhance your eyes and facial beauty. This fantastic eyelash enhancement treatment from the makers of Botox is the only FDA-approved product to treat hypotrichosis, a condition of thin or thinning eyelashes.

The Latisse application delivers fuller, thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes that are more luscious and aesthetic. Its formulation contains the active ingredient, Bimatoprost, which is known to enhance lash growth. It is a cosmetic drug that also treats eye conditions like glaucoma and manages ocular pressure.

To learn how easy it is to have full, lush lashes without mascara or extensions, contact Donna at Keys Med Spa @ George D. Peterson, M.D. today about Latisse in Key West, Fl.

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Latisse Benefits

If you are unhappy with the length, fullness, or color or your eyelashes, or if mascara is a must every time you leave the house, Latisse may be the perfect treatment for you. With Latisse, you will find a treatment option for growing darker and longer eyelashes without spending the time and money on fake eyelashes or mascara. Latisse is a daily in-home treatment that aims to give you luscious, appealing lashes that can make a significant impact on your facial aesthetics. Its benefits include:

Once we supply you with this medical-grade option with a prescription, you simply apply the product to your upper lash line daily. In just a few weeks, you will experience outstanding results.

After your eyelashes reach a desirable length and fullness, you can say goodbye to spending needless time in front of your vanity to apply the temporary enhancement to your lashes. You will also save the costs associated with supplying your makeup drawer with these products that are now obsolete.

When you get up without makeup, your lashes will look great. When you come out of the shower or bath, your lashes will look great. When you’re having fun at the beach or in a pool, your lashes will look great. You’re done worrying about runny mascara or fake lashes falling off, having full lashes that will not bleed,and you can’t lose.

This may not seem like a benefit, though the advantage is that you will not only get a medical-grade solution, but will apply it under the supervision of a doctor, as well. This process will ensure you receive the safest treatment with the best results.

Nothing puts you in a better mood than hearing about how great you look. Latisse helps many women regain their confidence by restoring fuller, more radiant lashes.

In just three short months, you should start seeing these benefits come to light. Dr. Peterson’s team will be happy to give you a better idea of how soon you can enjoy your fuller eyelashes during your initial visit.

Latisse Application Process

Like every routine, Latisse applications are about consistency and precision. To begin, make sure your face is clean, and you remove your makeup and contact lenses. Also, apply any other facial care products before applying Latisse.

Next, remove and open the sterile tray and remove an applicator. Hold it horizontally while applying one drop of Latisse near the tip but not directly on it. Then draw the applicator along the skin of the upper eyelid where the lash meets the skin. Use cotton or tissue to blot any excess product that runs beyond the eyelid. You can discard the applicator and repeat the process on your other lash.

Important Dos and Don'ts

  • Only use thesterile applicator to apply Latisse
  • Don’t apply to the lower lid
  • Blot excess product with cotton or a tissue
  • Don’t allow the product to touch your finger or any unintended surface
  • Remove contact lenses before application
  • Remember, when you stop using Latisse, your lashes will return to their normal fullness and length

First Step to Longer Lashes

Because Latisse is a medical-grade product, a prescription is necessary from a licensed physician. To realize full lashes under the supervision of Dr. Peterson, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Latisse FAQs

Latisse is backed by clinical research and approved by the FDA as an eyelash enhancement, making it the first and only prescription product for lash fullness and growth.

Latisse has a low occurrence of possible side effects that are extremely rare. These include eye redness or itchy eyes. Only 4% of patients participating in a Latisse clinical study reported any adverse effects, including:

  • Skin hyperpigmentation—skin darkens because of an increase in the brown skin pigment known as melanin.
  • Eye irritation or dryness
  • Eyelid redness
  • Elevated IOP (intraocular pressure)—occurring when pressure on the inside of the eye is higher than usual. This side effect may decrease as you use Latisse. If you currently take IOP-lowering medication, let Dr. Peterson know.

No call for concern as Latisse is an ophthalmic solution. This formulation is made specifically for the eyes and the sensitive area around them.  If Latisse gets in your eyes, it’s perfectly safe and will cause no damage to the eye.

Relax and wait. You may experience this issue after application, but only for a short time until your eyes become used to the solution. Any side effect does not necessarily mean you are allergic to the drug. If you experience multiple side effects, or any effect lasts longer than a couple of weeks, stop using Latisse, and call us.

Anyone who learns they are allergic to the solution.

Because it’s not necessary.  When you apply Latisse to your upper eyelashes, it will find its way to the lower, as well. When you sleep, your eyelids come together and will transfer the product from upper to lower lash. Also, it’s best to use Latisse only as prescribed to avoid any of the aforementioned side effects.