How to Take Care of Your Face After a PRF Liquid Facelift

Due to various factors such as the natural aging process and lifestyle choices, your skin can lose its vibrance, volume, and elasticity. A liquid facelift with platelet-rich fibrin injections can help you restore your youthful appearance and natural glow. Still, you may have various questions about this treatment. What should you expect after your PRF… Read More »

The Best Facial Treatments for People Over 50

Aging is an empowering natural process that makes you feel stronger, wiser, and more in control with each passing year. But with these benefits, you can also experience the negative outcomes of aging that can affect your appearance, confidence, and self-image. From wrinkles to loose skin, you can face a variety of aging concerns that… Read More »

Prenatal Care Schedule: Each Trimester

In addition to all the exciting things that come with being a mom-to-be, like decorating the nursery, planning your baby shower, and picking out the perfect name for your baby, make sure you’re prioritizing a prenatal care appointment schedule. Regular visits with an OB/GYN ensure that everything is going as expected, and they can catch… Read More »

How to Prepare for Your First Pregnancy Visit

First of all, on behalf of our team at Key Med Spa, we want to congratulate you on your first pregnancy. When it comes to pregnancy, especially your first one, regular medical care is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Women from all over Florida choose Dr. George Peterson for their prenatal care, as he serves… Read More »

What Not to Do After an IPL Treatment

You’ve probably heard the saying that the skin is a map of your life. It can tell an incredible story of places you’ve been, things you’ve been through, and the life you’ve led so far. Unfortunately, it can also tell when you’ve been in the sun without sunscreen, if you’ve had acne, and even your… Read More »