How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Will I Need to See Results?

If you have stubborn bulges of fat that are not going away through consistent exercise and diet, turning to CoolSculpting in Key West, Florida can help you eliminate them. This FDA-approved procedure is not only non-invasive but also effective on various parts of your body. This makes it an ideal fit for those who have a healthy weight but hard-to-lose fat pockets.


With that being said, it is important to know that the results from CoolSculpting are not achieved overnight. Due to being a non-invasive treatment that uses no surgery, the treatment needs some time and multiple sessions to work.


To help you learn more about this aspect of this phenomenal treatment, here is information about how many CoolSculpting sessions do you need to achieve results.


How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved to eliminate fat through fat-freezing technology. During the procedure, special applicators are put upon the target area where you want to lose fat. The equipment freezes your fat cells, and then lets time do its work.


Within a few weeks, the frozen fat cells slowly get eliminated and pass through your system. The longer the time passes, the more results you see. This gradual, yet certain, fat loss process ensures that your health is not at risk. It also lets you steer clear of issues such as sagging skin that could stem out of sudden weight loss.


If you have fat bulges across various parts of your body, you can receive CoolSculpting across different areas at once. Instead of waiting to see results after each session, this makes the process more efficient and allows you to obtain your ideal outcome in a timely manner.


How Many Coolsculpting Sessions Do You Need?

Typically, CoolSculpting can help you eliminate stubborn pockets of fat by 20-25 percent of their original state. But to achieve the ideal result, you may need multiple sessions from the treatment. The actual number of sessions depends upon the amount of fat that you want to eliminate and the area of your body that is affected by it.


For smaller areas such as under the chin, you may need a single CoolSculpting session. For larger areas such as the abdomen, this number can usually go up to 6 sessions. But to make sure that you receive the results that you need, CoolSculpting treatment plans are personalized to fit your aesthetic goals.


As a result, while this gives you an idea of the general number of CoolSculpting sessions, you can obtain the actual plan by getting a personalized consultation from a qualified CoolSculpting provider.


Do You Feel Ready to Receive Your CoolSculpting Treatment Plan?

To make sure that you are receiving a personalized plan for CoolSculpting treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to the specialists at Keys Med Spa in Key West, FL today. Through a detailed consultation that highlights your needs and assesses your current figure, you can ensure you’ll get a better idea about your CoolSculpting treatment plan. Call us on (305) 587-9183 to schedule your consultation today.