Latisse: The Answer to Longer, Thicker Eyelashes?

Regardless of the type of facial features you have, sporting longer and luscious eyelashes can take your confidence to the next level. Thicker eyelashes not only provide you with a bolder look but also raise your self-esteem. If you have been wondering how to get thicker eyelashes, learning about Latisse in Key West, Florida can help you find your ideal look. Learn more about the benefits of Latisse by reading on!

What Is Lattise?

Developed for the treatment of hypotrichosis or thinning eyelashes, Latisse is a non-invasive and topical eye solution that allows you to grow thicker eyelashes. Latisse’s use for hypotrichosis treatment is approved by the FDA. Apart from thinning eyelashes, the solution can also treat conditions such as glaucoma and ocular pressure.


Latisse uses the active ingredient bimatoprost, which helps in eyelash growth with consistent application. As a result, when you utilize Latisse after a qualified doctor’s consultation, you can expect to have thicker and beautiful eyelashes within a few weeks’ time.

How To Get Thicker Eyelashes with Latisse?

While Latisse is readily available for the treatment of thin eyelashes, it is only accessible through a prescription. This means that in order to obtain Latisse, you need to consult with a qualified physician regarding its use and suitability for your concern.


Once you have a detailed consultation with your doctor, they can decide if Latisse is the right solution for you. If the answer is yes, you can obtain a prescription and use the product at home.


From there, the rest of the process is quite simple to go through. By applying the solution once a day, you can start seeing your required results within a few weeks. When your doctor describes to you what is Latisse and how does it work, they also tell you about the duration of its use. This typically ranges around 16 weeks but can be modified according to your concern.

Latisse Sets You Free from Daily Maintenance

If you have thin eyelashes, you might be spending hours out of every week to get them to look thick and pretty. From mascaras to fake eyelashes and everything in between, these temporary remedies could range across a variety of options. But no matter what you do, you eventually must bid farewell to the results and start all over again.


With Latisse, you can easily obtain permanently full eyelashes that become a natural part of your person. This not only saves you from the hassle of applying temporary approaches every single day but also cuts down the cost of personal maintenance for you. In turn, Latisse pays off in the long run in more than one way.

Discover If Latisse Is the Right Solution for You

To ensure you choose Latisse with proper guidance, you must discuss your concerns with a seasoned physician. At Key Meds Spa, our qualified experts can determine the cause behind your thinning eyelashes and determine if Latisse is the right option for you. Call us at (305) 587-9183 to schedule your consultation today!