Eye Circles: Common Causes and How to Treat Them

As the aging process progresses, many people may notice a significant reduction in the soft tissue of the face. This development of fat begins to shrink as one gets older, resulting in a loss of volume and a dark shadow taking its place. Dark circles are often the result of this natural change. Additionally, the skin resting beneath the eye is already vulnerable to collagen loss, which can contribute to thinning skin and more dark shadows in the area.

Aging is one cause of eye circles, but other factors also contribute. If you reside in Key West, FL, the experts at Keys Med Spa, like Dr. George Peterson, are qualified to provide you with treatments that can help you address undereye circles. Below are common causes of eye circles and how to treat them.

Periods Of Dehydration

A common cause of eye circles is dehydration. If you are dehydrated, your body tissues will start to diminish given that around 60% of the body is made up of water. If you drink lots of water but also consume dehydrating drinks like caffeine or alcohol, you can still become dehydrated enough to notice eye circles.

Poor Sleep Schedule

If you do not follow a consistent sleep schedule, you might notice the appearance of dark circles due to these inconsistencies. Sleeping out of time with your body’s circadian rhythms may cause disrupted sleep, insomnia, and other sleep issues that interfere with beauty rest.

Consistent Eye Strain

If you are squinting and straining your eyes to see things more clearly, you can irritate the blood vessels under the skin, which also surface as undereye circles. The more straining you do over time, the darker the areas under your eyes may become due to the stress on these blood vessels. If you are straining due to visual issues, get your eyes checked to find a prescription that works for you.

You Might Have Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is when the skin has an allergic reaction to a foreign substance. The initially activated inflammation leads to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which shows up as dark circles. You can get this from the wrong skincare products. You should look to change your skincare routine to chemical-free products to reduce the likelihood of developing irritation or allergy.

Another kind of pigmentation that can contribute to dark circles is periorbital hyperpigmentation or genetic dispositions that lead to dark circles. By changing up your skincare and including caffeine, retinal, and other revitalizing ingredients in your skincare routine, you can diminish the appearance of dark circles.

Minimize Dark Circles at Keys Med Spa

If you’ve tried fixing your sleep and skincare routines, staying hydrated, and refraining from eye strain, and STILL haven’t seen improvement in under-eye circles, consider looking into cosmetic treatments that can help minimize the appearance of dark circles.

Dermal fillers and skin resurfacing techniques are two of many different options offered at Keys Med Spa that may help reduce dark circles. Reach out to the team at (305) 587-9183 to schedule your consultation.