3 Uncommon Uses for Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to treat areas beneath the skin to restore a more youthful appearance and skin health. They’re also used to add fullness in areas that have lost volume in the face. Common areas for dermal filler treatments include the mouth and cheeks, forehead, brow, and nose. As an antidote to the visual effects of aging, dermal fillers are substances that contain gel-like ingredients that work to restore lost volume and restore plumpness into critical areas of the face, such as the lips.

While it’s most common for dermal fillers to be pursued for the skin on the face, there are additional areas that are effectively treated with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers also rejuvenate the skin in troublesome areas like the hands, feet, knees, and buttocks.

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In the interim, below are three uncommon uses for dermal fillers. Read on to learn more about this minimally invasive process and how it can be used to treat a variety of issues brought on by the aging process.

Treating Acne Scars

You may be familiar with the fact that dermal fillers are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines, but they can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars. Many papers have been published documenting the efficacy of dermal fillers as a reliable treatment for acne scars. Additionally, many types of depressive scarring beyond acne scars are also effectively treated with dermal fillers.

Treating Eye Bags

If you struggle with undereye bags, dermal fillers can also smooth out the skin under the eyes to give you a more awake and healthy-looking appearance. Dermal fillers can get rid of dark shadows under the eyes, which can go a long way in providing you with results that showcase a well-rested appearance.

Chin Sculpting Treatment

Chin sculpting is another unusual treatment that can be completed using dermal fillers. If you’re interested in reshaping your chin to get a more chiseled jawline, or if your chin is receding, dermal fillers can help sculpt the look of your chin for a more defined facial profile.

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