How Often Should You Get Botox® Injections?

Out of all the non-surgical cosmetic produces, Botox® continues to rank at the top for people seeking aesthetic or anti-aging procedures, according to year to year data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Largely due to the incredible results and accessibility of Botox®, patients all over the world not only seek out this versatile treatment but they continue to return to it time and time again.

At Keys Med Spa in Key West, FL, Dr. George D. Peterson and his team of experts can target and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on patients with Botox® injections. But how often should you return for a maintenance session?

How Does Botox® Work?

Botox® is a neurotoxin, which works as a local paralytic. When strategically injected into specific areas of the face, it targets fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily preventing the tiny facial muscles from contracting and pulling your skin into grooves that make you appear older.

Botox® injections are done in several places around the targeted muscles. The entire process can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Contrary to myth, Botox® injections done by a trained expert should not make your face expressionless. You can still smile, frown, laugh, and squint— your muscles just won’t allow the wrinkles to form around your natural expressions.

How Long Do Botox® Results Last?

The duration of Botox® results depend on many things, including metabolism, genetics, skin care, activity level, the quality of the Botox®, the area being treated, and facial expressions. However, on average, Botox® results can last anywhere from three to six months. It’s not uncommon for a patient’s first round of Botox® to produce shorter results and longer results the second time. Regular users often report that they notice their results last longer over time because the muscles are used to being in a sedentary position.

How Often Should You Get Botox® Injections?

How often you should get Botox® injections depends on your age, wrinkles, and how long the treatments have lasted for you in the past. Not every patient is the same, but the average time frame for Botox® frequency is around every four to six months. After that time, you’ll begin to see your original facial lines and wrinkles start to reappear.

If you are in your twenties and using Botox® as a preventative treatment, you may want to schedule a treatment every 12 weeks. Otherwise, maintenance series of injections scheduled ever 12 to 16 weeks may also be sufficient.

If you ever feel as if you need a Botox® touch-up before or after these time frames, do not hesitate to call your injector and request a consultation to see if it’s the right time for your next treatment.

Ask About Botox® Injections in Key West with Dr. George Peterson

If it’s your first experience with Botox® injections or your twentieth time, our team at Keys MedSpa want to help you feel your most aesthetically beautiful. To learn more about Botox® injections with us or to schedule a reoccurring treatment, don’t hesitate to call (305) 587-9183 or contact us online.