When Is the Best Time to Get Laser Treatments?

Laser light has revolutionized the medical field since its first appearance in 1962. At first, this technology was only used for specific medical treatments, but it was gradually introduced to other disciplines over time. Laser technology had a profound impact in many fields, and cosmetic medicine is undoubtedly one of them.

Nowadays, many patients from Key West, FL, benefit from this safe and effective technology. Most people are suitable candidates, but some aspects must be considered before getting laser treatment, and the time of the year is one of the most important. Certain months are more convenient than others for receiving laser treatment. Read on this blog to learn more about laser technology and the best time to get this treatment!

How Can Laser Technology Help Me Achieve My Cosmetic Goals?

At Keys Med Spa, we offer two types of laser treatment:

Lumecca’s intense pulsed light photo facial technology is designed to combat common skin problems like age spots, sunspots, and spider veins. This technology is safe and effective and has been engineered to treat pigmentation and skin lesions comfortably and with no downtime.

At Keys Med Spa, we offer the modern Diolaze system from InMode. This innovative hair removal technology provides smooth and hair-free skin in a convenient number of treatment sessions. Diolaze dramatically improves the skin’s appearance on areas like the face, bikini line, back, and legs.

When Should I Get Laser Treatment?

While it’s true that you can be exposed to medical-grade laser light at any time of the year, there’s an optimal time to receive these skin treatments. It has nothing to do with the treatment’s effectiveness–laser works all year round. However, there’s a particularity that patients must take into account.

Laser therapy can have certain side effects that are usually mild and temporary, like dark spots, light scars, and skin rash. However, direct sun exposure and high temperatures can  make these effects permanent and more severe. If your skin is directly exposed to sunlight before or after treatment, there are more chances of developing these undesired spots and pigmentations.

For safety, we recommend patients protect their skin from sun exposure four to six weeks before and after any laser procedure. This might not be easy during summer, as most people prefer to enjoy the sun and spend time outdoors at the beach or around a pool.

The best time to get laser treatment is during fall and winter. Milder temperatures mean you most likely wear clothes that don’t expose as much of your skin to sunlight. Although certain areas will constantly be exposed, like the face and neck, there’s less risk of permanent damage when the sun is not that bright.

Laser Treatment in Key West, FL

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