PRF Hair Restoration

PRF Hair Restoration in Key West, FL

Are you frustrated by thinning hair? Do you want to restore your luscious locks with an innovative and effective treatment option? Come to Keys Med Spa and ask about PRF hair restoration.

PRF is an ideal treatment option for many men and women struggling with hair thinning and loss. PRF provides a less invasive treatment option than hair transplantation that can boost the body’s ability to heal and regenerate damaged hair follicles. Many patients find their hair is thicker, fuller, and more abundant after treatment to the scalp with PRF. Whether you’re struggling with genetically linked hair loss or hair thinning caused by medical conditions or aging, ask us if PRF hair restoration is right for you.

Dr. Peterson is one of the first medical providers to bring PRF to Key West. Rely on his medical expertise and vast availability of aesthetic treatments to refresh your appearance and feel confident and beautiful all year round. Contact Keys Med Spa to learn more about PRF hair restoration or to explore our advanced treatments for the face and body, including Botox and CoolSculpting.

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What Is PRF?

PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is an advanced blood product used in aesthetic and medical treatments around the world. PRF is created by concentrating platelets, growth factors, proteins, and other blood components into an injectable product that contains healing compounds that can rejuvenate the body.

If you’re unfamiliar with PRF, you may have heard of its predecessor PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. PRF is similar to PRP. Both PRF and PRP are platelet concentrates created from your own blood. At Keys Med Spa we use PRF. We believe this product is superior to PRP because it contains significantly more platelets and growth factors and does not require blood manipulation or the addition of anticoagulants. PRF isolates growth factors and platelets more effectively than PRP due to its advanced concentration process.

We use PRF in many treatments at Keys Med Spa, and our PRF liquid facelift.

How Is PRF Used for Hair Restoration?

Thicker, fuller hair starts with the hair follicles. When PRF is injected into the scalp, it provides your hair follicles with an opportunity for rejuvenation. Stem cells and growth factors encourage a healing response within the scalp that may result in thicker, fuller, and more abundant hair.

Studies support the effectiveness of PRP and PRF for hair restoration. One study found that patients receiving PRP for hair loss experienced a significant reduction in hair loss and an increase in the number of hair follicles. PRP and PRF are significantly less invasive than surgical solutions for hair loss.

What to Expect from a PRF Hair Restoration Treatment

PRF treatments are performed in our medical spa in comfortable treatment rooms. All PRF procedures are performed in two parts.

  • Extraction – We start by extracting a small amount of blood that is used for creating PRF. The extraction process is similar to the method used for lab blood draws. PRF is created by rapidly spinning the blood to isolate platelets, stem cells, and growth factors from the red and white blood cells. Transforming your blood into PRF is a quick process, completed on the same day while you wait.
  • Application – PRF is applied to the scalp through a series of small injections. Areas that are experiencing hair loss will receive small injections of your PRF solution. We can use a topical numbing cream to ensure a comfortable treatment process.

The treatment process takes about an hour.

Recovery After Florida PRF for Hair Loss

Most patients are back to work and other activities almost immediately after treatment. Your scalp may be a bit tender or swollen, and some patients have a mild headache. There are no recovery restrictions and no downtime.

Am I a Good Candidate to Treat Hair Loss with PRF?

Treating hair loss with PRF works best when treatment starts early. If you’re beginning to experience hair thinning or loss, don’t wait to start treatment. The best candidates for this treatment have mild hair loss or thinning. PRF is popular with patients who don’t want to use daily hair loss medications or want to supplement their medications. PRF is also used to extend and maintain the results of hair transplant surgery and other more invasive treatments for hair loss.

This treatment is effective for both men and women.

Learn More About PRF Hair Restoration with Dr. Peterson

Our minimally invasive hair restoration treatments aren’t suitable for every patient, but if you’re experiencing hair thinning or loss, we encourage you to explore this less invasive treatment option. Dr. Peterson is experienced in using PRF and can guide your treatment to create the best possible results.

If you’re interested in learning more about PRF for hair restoration, reach out to Keys Med Spa to schedule a consultation. Call our beautiful medical spa at (305) 587-9183.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRF Hair Restoration in Key West

Most patients start with an initial treatment series and ongoing maintenance treatments once the full results are achieved. We’ll create a personalized treatment plan for you during your consultation.

The cost of your treatment will depend on the size of the treatment area, the number of treatments needed, and other factors. To ensure you receive accurate pricing, let us provide you with a personalized quote during your consultation.

It takes time for new hair to grow after PRF. Most patients see more hair in the treatment area within 3-6 months of their treatment.

We want you to have a comfortable treatment experience. We use numbing cream to reduce discomfort during PRF for hair restoration.

PRF can be a highly effective treatment for hair loss. Hair loss occurs for many reasons, and results may vary; however, we have seen dramatic results and impressive hair regrowth in many of our patients using this treatment.