Prenatal Care Schedule: Each Trimester

In addition to all the exciting things that come with being a mom-to-be, like decorating the nursery, planning your baby shower, and picking out the perfect name for your baby, make sure you’re prioritizing a prenatal care appointment schedule. Regular visits with an OB/GYN ensure that everything is going as expected, and they can catch any health issues early on so that if complications do arise, they’re often easier to treat.

Regular prenatal appointments are uneventful but still essential for good health. If you are seeking prenatal care, Dr. George Peterson at Key Med Spa in Key West, FL, will provide you with guided appointments that will help you both during your pregnancy and after. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to expect at these prenatal care appointments during each trimester of your pregnancy.

First Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What to Expect

Your first trimester prenatal appointment will most likely occur during your pregnancy’s second month. It is usually the longest and most detailed of your appointments. It encompasses a full report of your gynecological, medical, and obstetrical history, and your mental health. In addition, Dr. Peterson will review what medications you are currently taking and any diseases you might have been exposed to. He’ll also want to know your partner’s medical history.

Next, Dr. Peterson will check your height, weight, and blood pressure and perform a pelvic exam. Several tests will follow, including urine, full bloodwork, genetic carrier screening, a pap smear, and a blood sugar test to check for gestational diabetes. Dr. Peterson may also recommend a CVS (chronic villus sampling) to test the tissue that holds the fetus to the walls of the uterus, looking for signs of chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome.

Second Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What to Expect

Visits with Dr. Peterson will become much shorter during your second trimester, but these prenatal appointments are just as important. Your weight and blood pressure will be taken, as well as a urine sample. Dr. Peterson will also record your baby’s development by measuring your abdomen, listening to the baby’s heart rate, and checking for fetal movements, like belly kicks or fluttering.

Many tests will take place during your second trimester, including an ultrasound to visualize your growing fetus. We use ultrasound technology to monitor the development and growth of your baby. Ultrasound can also determine the gender of your child (if that is something you want to find out). You’ll also be tested for gestational diabetes so that you can better control your blood sugar and reduce health impacts.

Third Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What to Expect

By the third trimester, you’re in the home stretch, and you and Dr. Peterson should have developed a lasting relationship by now. Your appointments will become more frequent as you get closer to your due date. Along with the usual tests of your weight, urine, and blood pressure, Dr. Peterson will also listen to the baby’s heartbeat and ask about any contractions, leaking fluids, or bleeding you may be experiencing.

You’ll also be given an ultrasound to check the baby’s position to determine if it is head-first in the uterus, bottom-first, feet-first, transverse or oblique, which means the baby’s head is down but directed towards one of your hips.

During your third trimester, ask those last-minute questions regarding labor, pain management, and signs of labor to look for to tell when the baby is on its way.

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