Sunscreen SPF Guide to Keep Your Skin Safe All Summer

With summer in full force, you might want to head outdoors to soak up some of those rays. But before you do so, you must be wary about sun damage, premature aging, and the other aesthetic challenges that could result.


Fortunately, remembering a few summertime SPF tips will allow you to enjoy the season without putting your skin at risk. To maximize this beautiful weather while avoiding the sun’s harmful effects,

here is a helpful guide on how to buy and apply sunscreen, plus some bonus treatments you can use to reverse sun damage.

Summer SPF Tips

While you should use sunblock year-round, it’s critical to take extra precautions during the summer, when the sun’s rays are at their most powerful. Following these best practices will ensure the bright sunshine doesn’t catch you unaware, while preparing you for what steps to take if you need to reverse sun damage.


1. Buy Broad-Spectrum SPF

When you shop for SPF, you should be aware that not all brands are the same. Since two types of UV rays can cause sun damage and skin cancer, you should choose a broad-spectrum product that blocks both types – UVA and UVB.


UVA can accelerate skin aging, while UVB can lead to skin burning. Using a broad-spectrum sunblock will give you peace of mind that you are getting optimal protection from UVA and UVB rays with the same purchase.

2. Get an SPF of at Least 30

Sun protection factor, or SPF, tells you how long the sun’s UVB rays will take to burn your skin if you apply the product as directed, compared to the amount of time you spend without sunscreen. So, the higher the SPF, the longer it will work to prevent a sunburn. If you plan to spend time outside, you need an SPF of 30 or higher.


3. Choose Unscented and Non-Comedogenic Products When Possible

Many makeup brands and beauty products contain sunscreen as a bonus, but these often contain fragrance and pore-blocking ingredients that cause unnecessary redness and lead to breakouts, especially if you have sensitive skin.


To avoid these outcomes, you need to shop for unscented, non-comedogenic products that won’t irritate your skin or block your pores.


4. Be Extra Careful After Sun Damage Treatments

If you get an intense pulsed light photofacial or corrective facial, you need to be more cautious about sun exposure afterward. These heighten skin sensitivity, making it more likely you will reverse the effects of your procedure.


If you must go outside while your skin is still healing, ask your provider for tips on how to cover up and which protective products to use. You can also ask for specific instructions on how to apply SPF after your treatment. Following this advice will ensure you are keeping your skin safe and avoiding future damage.

Do You Feel Ready to Let Your Skin Shine?

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