5 Areas Where Dermal Fillers Can Improve Your Face

Refresh your appearance in 30 minutes or less with dermal fillers, one of our favorite ways to rejuvenate the face. This injectable treatment adds volume to the skin without surgery or downtime.

Keep reading to discover 5 key facial areas that can benefit from dermal filler treatment.

Volumize the Lips

Do you want a little more pout to your pucker? Dermal fillers are an ideal solution for non-surgical lip augmentation. Filler is injected into the lips to add volume and enhance shape. This treatment is perfect for lips that have thinned due to aging or naturally thin lips that need extra volume.

Best of all, dermal filler treatments are customizable; we can use a little filler for a subtle contour or more product for a more dramatic result. Duck lips aren’t a necessary part of a filler treatment. Dr. Peterson and the Keys Med Spa team are known for their subtle, natural-looking results with non-surgical lip augmentation.

Revitalize the Forehead

Forehead creases can be a telltale sign that you’re getting older. Luckily, they are easy to treat with dermal fillers. Filler can be injected into brow lines to smooth them out and restore a youthful brow appearance.

When treating the forehead area, fillers are often paired with Botox. These two injectables work together. Botox relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles like lines between the brows and crow’s feet while fillers revolumize the skin and restore a smooth, youthful appearance.

In addition to the forehead, dermal fillers can be used almost anywhere on the face with unwanted lines or creases. We also use fillers to smooth nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Shape the Nose

Dermal fillers can be used to shape the nose without surgery. Fillers are injected into the nose to even out asymmetry, fill in humps and divots, and camouflage the appearance of nasal humps or bumps.

Smooth Acne Scars

Acne scars are notoriously difficult to treat. If you have acne scars and haven’t found an effective solution, consider dermal filler injections. Fillers can smooth out the appearance of indents, making acne scars less noticeable. You can also consider other effective treatments like facials or chemical peels

Contour the Cheeks

Have your cheeks lost their youthful volume? The cheeks are often one of the first areas to show significant aging. Dermal fillers can restore volume to the cheeks, often making the face look more lifted and youthful.

Some dermal fillers, like Juvederm Voluma, are specifically designed for use in the cheeks. This filler can volumize and shape the cheek area for up to 2 years with a single treatment!

Schedule Your Dermal Filler Treatments at Keys Med Spa

Dermal fillers can enhance your facial appearance from brow to chin. If you would like to learn how dermal fillers can help you, we invite you to contact our office and schedule a consultation. You can reach our medical spa by calling (305) 587-9183 or contact us online today.